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Our Vision

Ensure the environmental sustainability and natural beauty of the Caribbean, one island at a time... starting in Saint Lucia.

About Us

Greening the Caribbean - GtC - is an environmental management social company that provides waste management, recycling and consulting services. Our mission is to reduce the amount of recyclable materials dumped in Caribbean landfills by clients and partners; and reduce public littering using best available techniques and practices. GtC is Saint Lucia's leader in recycling services and circular economy practices.  


Greening the Caribbean launched its integrated solid waste management and recycling operations in 2014 using a waste-to-landfill minimization approach that captures recyclables at source a.k.a. the "get rid of" stage. By so doing our daily work is reducing the environmental harm caused the co-mingling of garbage with recyclables.  Specifically, GtC designs and implements waste management solutions suitable to each clients unique disposal needs.  And our ISWM services contributes to 11 of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

And as a triple bottom line business, Greening the Caribbean innovates and spearheads action-oriented initiatives and services that increases environmental awareness, reduces the risk of marine pollution caused by beach littering, and  reduces dependency on the use of single use plastic products.


With a dedicated team working across the disciplines of waste management and materials recovery, e-waste and other end of life mechanical equipment are reverse engineered and de-manufactured at our on-island materials recovery center. The recyclable fractions are extracted, sorted and inventoried for subsequent export into the international circular economy manufacturing value chain.

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