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Our mission

Ensure the environmental sustainability and natural beauty of the Caribbean, one island at a time... starting in Saint Lucia.

About Us

Greening the Caribbean - GtC - is an environmental management business that provides waste management and recycling services. GtC is Saint Lucia's leader in waste management and recycling services. We have a simple innovative on-island waste management supply chain that captures waste at it's source. Our team of green collar specialists pre-processes materials at the GtC Recycling Services Center - Waste Electrical Electronic Equipment (WEEE), Aluminum Cans, Plastic Bottles, Metals and Cardboard.


Greening the Caribbean launched its operations in 2014 with the mission of protecting the environment and preserving human health in the Caribbean ... one island at a time ... starting in Saint Lucia.


Our waste-to-landfill minimization and recycling services is reducing the environmental harm in St. Lucia.  In the near future these serves will be available in other Caribbean small island developing states.  Specifically, GtC designs implements sound climate smart waste management solutions for private sector which contributes to 11 of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

And as a triple bottom line business, Greening the Caribbean spearheads several action-oriented environmental programs and events designed to educate and empower youth to reduce their dependency and use of single use plastic items.


Consulting services are also provided regionally. 


With a dedicated team working across the disciplines of waste management and materials recovery, e-waste and other end of life materials and equipment are de-manufactured at our on-island materials recovery center. The recyclable fractions are extracted, sorted and inventoried for subsequent export into the international manufacturing value chain.

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